How you can use business signs to market your business

Business signs are one of the most direct forms of visual communication. They are an effective and efficient means of communication as they reach out to people passing near your business by telling who you are as well as what you are selling.

Unlike other media, business signs can convey the message creating a feeling and mood of the atmosphere. People do not have to give full attention to the business sign in order to derive its meaning.

How can business use outdoor business sign to best market their business

Business signs have three major communication functions:

· They give direction and information

· They build a business’s image

· They provide a means of street advertising

· Location

A primary source of customers for your business are the many people who are just passing or those who are new to the community. Business signs direct people to the business location especially travelers, new members in the community as well as impulse shoppers who are looking to purchase a product or service that you sell.

Business signs can also be used to inform customers about a change in location or correct a poor location due to poor site characteristics. If the business is located in a site that is not visible, a business sign can help overcome this disability.

Also, if the business is located off a busy road in an area that cannot be accessed easily, a business sign will communicate to the people passing when they have still blocked away. High rise business signs are used if the business is located away from the customer’s normal path of travel.

· Business Signs are a means of Street Advertising

Most potential customers for any business are in the street and a business sign provides a recognizable display format for the products or services you are selling. The message on the business sign can reach any customers who are looking for the goods or service you are offering.

People tend to buy from a business they know and street advertising also makes people have a memory of your business products as well as the name

· They build a business’s image

Business signs also help to build an image of your business. In order to build the image of your business, a business sign should be neat, bright and should convey the promise of the brand. A sign board that is smudged or damaged will not convey your brand.

If you have a specific market segment that you want to attract, using business signs will help bring them in.